New Member Welcome: Millie & Maude

Frontier Communications welcomes each Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce new member. Some people always know what they want to do when they “grow up.” Lori Mitchell is one of those people. Taking a dream she had as a teen, Mitchell turned it into a reality by opening the downtown Terre Haute boutique, Millie & Maude. […]

Guest Blog: Terre Haute International Airport

The Terre Haute International Airport is excited for the warmer weather and the opportunity for our pilots take off and explore.  With the warmer weather comes a variety of other changes at the Airport since the New Year.  In January the Airport welcomed a new Executive Director, Jeff Hauser.  Jeff  is a leader in our community and holds a distinguished and extensive career in the National Guard.  He is currently the Assistant Adjutant General in the Indiana Air National Guard and was a Director of the  Unmanned Systems Program at Indiana State University before joining the Airport. Recently the Airport, in a partnership with Indiana State University, received a Certificate of Authorization (C.O.A) to fly unmanned aerial vehicles at the Airport.  The certificate at the Airport is one  of the few nonFAA test site C.O.A.s in controlled airspace in the country.  The Airport is looking forward  to being in the forefront of integrating unmanned systems into controlled airspace and the general  population. The Airport is also seeing great things in the fact that all the buildings on the premise are  occupied.  They are full of businesses that are thriving and creating an impact for our community.  The  airfield has an average of over 500 people working around it daily between the businesses located at the  Airport and the Indiana National Guard.  This number will increase once the new Army Field  Maintenance Shop opens near the new Swalls Road later this year. Air operations at the Airport have continued to increase.  In comparison of 2013 to 2014 there  was over a 30% increase in total operations.  This is in part to the Indiana State University Flight  Academy relocating to the field in the Fall of 2013.  The increase in operations also attests to the fact  that the Airport is an economic engine for the Terre Haute community.  Having an Airport allows  corporations to fly in and conduct business with ease in our area. If you have ever been interested in learning to fly, Hoosier Aviation, our Fixed Base Operator,  offers introductory flights and flight training from the beginner level and beyond.  We encourage you to  stop in and visit us at the Airport for a flight or to gaze at the wonders on our ramp.

New Member Welcome: Terre Haute CPR

Frontier Communications welcomes each Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce new member. Sue Anderson wants you to take her class. But she hopes you never have to use what you learned. Sue and her son Scott are the owners and instructors of Terre Haute CPR. “We always end every class by saying, we hope that you […]

New Member Welcome: Modern Charm

Frontier Communications welcomes each Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce new member. Walking into downtown Terre Haute boutique Modern Charm can be a difficult task. Once inside, customers may not know which way to turn; everything in the store is bright, eye catching and interesting. “It’s my personality too, to be honest,” says store owner Yvette […]

Indiana Celebrates Chamber of Commerce Week

The Indiana Chamber Executives Association and the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce are excited to announce the week of May 4-8, 2015 as Chamber of Commerce Week in Indiana. Around the state the annual celebration is a chance for organizations and businesses to celebrate chambers of commerce and their contributions to Indiana’s economic climate. With […]