New Member Welcome: Agave Vintage Cocktails

Frontier Communications welcomes each Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce new member.


Okay, we have to admit something.

Here at the Chamber office we love working, advocating and promoting local business.

While it’s always fun and rewarding, we sometimes like our jobs for selfish reasons because we usually have the inside scoop on new business opening in town. Well, this couldn’t be more true when it comes to downtown Terre Haute’s newest business, Agave Vintage Cocktails. It’s right next door to our downtown office!!

Opened in May 2015 by the Morales family, Agave is interesting, fun and very unique by design.

“We worked very hard to create an atmosphere unlike anything else in Terre Haute,” says co-owner Aaron Morales. “It’s upscale but it’s not uptight and anyone is welcome and we hope to introduce a new generation to drinks that they may not be familiar with and provide those same drinks to people that are well familiar with them.”

Traditional drinks like mojitos, mint julep, old fashioned and Tom Collins fill one side of the menu; reinforcing the “vintage” feel of the lounge. But on the reverse side of the menu Agave’s inventive staff and bartenders created one of a kind specialty selections like the Spanish Fashion, Crossroad Crisp and crowd favorite the Agave Martini.

(Writer’s note* I’ve tried the Agave Martini, Black Raspberry Chambord Mojito, dirty martini and class Mojito – all for research purposes, of course. Each one was fresh, fun and delicious!)

Not only are the menu items unique but the atmosphere too. Morales, who operates the lounge along with his brother, Gregory, and mother, Lynn, says the goal is to offer customers a place to sit, relax and create conversation.

“(The atmosphere) just makes people feel like they have stepped into another era or another place,” he explains. “Our intention was to provide a place for people to go when they are looking to have a drink and not necessarily put up with large crowds or out up with really loud music or just distractions.”

With summer in full swing, Morales says one of the bar’s most popular spots is the outside seating. Customers enjoy a cocktail while people watching on Wabash Avenue. And if indoors and air conditioning is what you’re wanting, table seating and couch suites are available inside.

Morales says in the first few weeks of business the outpouring of support from the community has been positively overwhelming. Other local business owners have reached out with support, advice and encouragement. Along with many regular loyal customers, Agave’s owners and staff can raise a glass to celebrate their initial success.

“This whole thing was built from the ground up by me and my family and the employees, that is something that I am really proud of. It is a many years in the making kind of project and we just had to all have an all hands on deck for the last few months and it has been overwhelming but it has been very rewarding and we are all really proud of it. I would like the people that have helped me or do help me to know that it hasn’t gone unnoticed because a lot of people have chipped in who believe in this idea.”


For more on Agave Vintage Cocktails visit their web site here!

Agave Hours:

Monday- Saturday: 3pm – 3am ~ Closed Sunday

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