Chamber Board of Directors Releases Statement on Proposed Casino

Chamber Board of Directors Releases Statement on Proposed Casino

The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted during its monthly session Tuesday morning to support the current legislation proposed to bring a casino and related facility to the Terre Haute area.

The Chamber membership was asked to weigh-in on the subject through a survey sent out last week. Those findings were shared with the Governmental Affairs committee, Executive Board and the general Board of Directors.

“During our meeting this morning we had the chance to gather more information thanks to a presentation by representatives of Full House Resorts, along with an open forum for our board members to ask the important questions that will affect the business community,” explains Chamber President David Haynes. “I think the board conducted a healthy discussion and ultimately came to the decision to support this proposed endeavor.”

For more on the Chamber’s statement read below.

Chamber Board of Directors Statement on the Proposed Casino:

As part of the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce’s ongoing efforts to inform our members about issues that may have an economic impact on our region, we have been closely monitoring the legislation proposed by Senator Jon Ford (S.B. 354) to develop a gaming and entertainment facility in Terre Haute.

The current legislation would allow Full House Resorts, Inc. to relocate 750 of its unused gaming positions that are currently allocated to its Rising Star Casino in Rising Sun, Indiana to a new gaming/entertainment facility in Terre Haute. This move would allow Full House Resorts to continue its operations in Rising Sun, as well as operate a smaller facility in Terre Haute.

After thoughtful consideration and input from our membership, the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce has voted to express its strong support of Senator Ford’s legislation, and looks forward to the opportunity to work with Full House Resorts on the development of a state-of-the-art gaming and entertainment facility in Terre Haute, which is expected to generate 1,250 new permanent jobs, including 750 direct and 500 indirect jobs, and contribute over $26 million per year in new tax revenue of which $10 million directly benefit Terre Haute and Vigo County.

While we recognize the positive financial impact, we realize there must be some focus on the social issues that may arise. Through a series of conversations with Full House Resorts, Inc. we are confident they take problem gaming very seriously. Their ultimate goal is to create a fun, entertainment destination for responsible players. Their dealers are trained to identify problem gamers and will work with state and local agencies to provide problem gamblers the help they need.

At least a two-hour drive from any competing casino, Terre Haute’s ideal location allows it to capture new revenues from Illinois and complement existing Indiana casinos.

Amid declining revenues statewide, this proposal provides a unique opportunity for the legislature to not only protect the revenues of the Rising Sun community, but also provide a stream of revenue for the Vigo County area. While Terre Haute already has many assets: natural beauty, infrastructure, higher education, the proposed legislation would add to our economic development future.


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